Price list for Driving School in Bucharest

Do you want to find out how much the driving school cost in Bucharest?

Well, you can find our prices below, and for payment you have a few options: either integral payment in the beginning, or 2 or 3 installments. Choose the option that suits you!

Conditions to be in the driving school Category C, C+E

Minimum age 21 years;
Identity card;
Have a category C car license;
Medical paper;
Paper with the mention “car exam”;
Permit issuance tax.

Category C at Nelit

There are 3 ways to attend schooling for category C, as follows:

5 weeks

If you have a category B driving license for more than one year , the program is:
  • theoretical training: 50 hours
  • practical training: 30 hours
  • minimum duration: 5 weeks

  • Price: 2700 Lei

    6 weeks

    If you have a category B driving license for less than one year , the program is:
  • theoretical training: 50 hours
  • practical training: 36 hours
  • minimum duration: 6 weeks

  • Price: 2900 Lei

    7 weeks

    The training can be carried out simultaneously with the one necessary to obtain the category B driving license:
  • theoretical training: 60 hours
  • practical training: 40 hours
  • minimum duration: 7 weeks

  • Price: 2990 Lei

    There are 3 ways to attend school for category CE, as follows:

    CE category - 1,390 lei

    Theoretical training - 10 hours;
    Practical training - 10 hours;
    Minimum duration: 2 weeks;
    Includes fuel price, VAT

    CAT C,CE-3400 LEI

    School Fee Cat. C + CE + D: 5100 RON

    Additional prices:

  • Additional session - 250 lei
  • Car fee for the exam - 450 lei

  • EXAM

    The exam consists of a theoretical test and a practical one, on the route. The theoretical test is held at the headquarters of the Community Public Service Driving Permits and Vehicle Registration Regime competent, on the computer and consists in solving on the computer a questionnaire of knowledge of traffic rules, which contains 11 questions. The time allotted to solve a questionnaire for knowing the traffic rules is 15 minutes. After five wrong answers, the theoretical test stops automatically. A minimum of 9 correctly answered questions are required to pass the exam.

    The practical test consists in driving the vehicle with the trailer attached, for 45 minutes, in which case you have to connect and uncouple the trailer to/from the towing vehicle, to go in the reverse direction, to make the description of a curve preset, to park safely, to load/unload on a ramp/unloading keys, or a similar installation.

    To be declared "Admitted" to the route test, the candidate must accumulate a maximum of 20 penalty points. Regardless of the number of penalty points accumulated, the examination of the examiner on the steering wheel and/or the brake of the vehicle to avoid an imminent danger/occurrence of a road event, the examination may stop, even if the time allotted for the examination was not fully performed.

    At Nelit driving school you enjoy all the benefits!

    • We have over 20 years experience
    • Our instructors are friendly and they will not stress you out
    • Our cars are new and packed with all the options so you can drive in comfort
    • Our driving school is authorized by Autoritatea Rutiera Roamana (A.R.R.) – authorization no. AS0008382
    • Our headquarters are in Drumul Taberei since 2006.
    • We have availability in the afternoons and weekends.
    • Our schedule is flexible, we can book you late in the day or in the weekends.
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