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Frequently asked questions

We have answered the most common questions. If you haven’t found the answer for your question here, please contact us.

The current law allows one to start the driving course 3 months before the age of 18. The exam for the driving license can be taken only after turning 18.
In Bucharest there are 3 routes, starting from: Carol Park, Bucurestii Noi and Republica.
During the driving course you will drive together with our instructors through all possible routes for the final test!
After finishing the driving course you can take the driving test. You have 12 months to take the exam.
Medical test – 1 year, Psychological test – 1 year, Criminal Record (with “Examen Auto” specified) – 6 months.
The medical test can be taken at Nelit driving school or at other authorized clinics.
After enrollment, the next step will be the theory course (at Nelit headquarters). After finishing the theory course you will start the practical driving course together with a specialized instructor.
Next day after finishing the driving course you can go to D.R.P.C.I.V. to take the theory test. After that you will be scheduled for the final practical test, subject to availability.
After failing the practical driving test you need to take at least 3 driving sessions, after that we will issue a certificate that will allow you to take re-schedule the practical a new practical test. You don’t need to take the theory test again!

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