Why choose Nelit driving school?

Besides the love and care we invested in training exceptional drivers over the years, we have gathered more reasons below:

1. We are a trust-able company.

More details here http://www.firmadeincredere.ro/show,3998,sc-nelit-evolution-srl-brbr-coli-de-oferi

2. Our reputation is excellent, including the internet

Just search for us on Google to see for yourself. See all the Facebook comments here Facebook and Google.

3. Our driving school experience exceeds 20 years of activity.

We have evolved together with time, technology and you to be able to offer the best services and to help as many people to obtain the driving license and to become great drivers.

4. We are a family business

This allows us to take great care of each of our students and to offer the best support, from preparing the file for the exam to the practical driving courses. Our student have a better chance to pass the exam than other schools.

5. Our cars

All of our cars are regularly maintained for your comfort and safety. Each year we also add new cars to keep up with the newest technologies available.

6. Our services

With us you will always find guidance and best advice. We will help you from first time you enter our office, for example by offering you recommendations to best clinics to take the medical exam. We have partners that will save you money and time.

7. Legislation room

Our new and modern theory room is bigger and better. Legislation classes are very important because the theory exam is the first step to obtaining the driving license. Our legislation teacher will explain everything you need to know.

8. Our school is authorized

We are and always been an authorized driving school: Autoritatea Rutiera Roamana (A.R.R.) – authorization. AS0009512

9. Custom schedule

For your convenience, we have late in the afternoon and weekends availability.

10. Best driving instructors

Being a good teacher is not easy. Our teachers have patience, very good communication skills and empathy.